The Best Steak

Choosing quality steak is paramount if you’re looking forward to enjoying a juicy, tantalizing piece of steak. Unless you are lucky enough to have your own butcher who will choose the best cut and deliver it to your door, you need to know how to spot quality steak when you see it. So, what should you look for in the best cuts of steak? Here are some useful tips.


The best cuts of steak should have a coarse marbling of white milky fat running through it. Marbling features thin layers of fat that permeate the meat. While grilling or cooking the steak, the thin marbling will melt and give the steak flesh richness and juiciness. Avoiding choosing steak with large clumps of fat within the flesh as it may become too greasy and cause flare-ups.

Also, avoid buying steak with minimal marbling or one with fat that has a yellow or brown tint as it’s a sign of old, dry meat.

Red Meat is Perfect

While it may sound obvious, the best cuts of steak should have deep red appearance plus a good amount of marbling, and one that looks moist and tender. This kind of meat makes the juiciest and most flavorful steak. Avoid steak with a pink appearance as it’s usually from a very young animal. Also avoid steak with a brown or grey coloring as it could be old and dry.

NB: Color is often considered to be a distinguishing factor between grass-fed and corn-fed meat where grass-fed meat typically has a deeper red color compared to its corn-fed counterpart. So as long as the steak has a good amount of marbling and looks fresh, the redness shouldn’t matter.

Moisture Content is Crucial

The best stick is one that is moist, but not wet or sticky. Moist steak tends to be juicier and much more flavorful compared to dry steak. Avoid choosing steak that looks dry and tough. It might take a long time to cook, not to mention the lack of flavor. If you see packed steak that has excess liquid on the package, that would indicate that the meat had earlier been frozen and thawed.

Steak Thickness Matters

As a general rule when buying steaks, it’s important to choose those that have a thickness of at least 1.5-inches. Avoid thin steaks because when high at temperatures, they are highly likely to become overcooked and chewy after cooking. Also, by choosing thin steaks, you will be missing out on eating a delicious, juicy steak.

Steak that is too thick isn’t ideal either as it may take a longer time to cook and even result in undercooked steak.

To get the best steak cuts with ideal thickness, its best to buy from a butcher since you will specify how thick you want them to be. Otherwise, if you are planning to purchase prepackaged steak from the supermarket, you may not be in a position to check the thickness.

Wrap Up

To enjoy the best steak, you have to select the best quality cuts. And choosing the right cuts doesn’t have to be complicated. Hopefully, these tips on what to look for in the best cuts of steak should help you choose the juiciest and most delicious piece of steak.



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