There are many opportunities when it comes to pickling your food and making your marinade. I like the cheapest, easiest way to clean after I’ve finished marinating. I like to buy a lot of large plastic bags, on which there is lightning.

You want to put a piece of meat in a bag and make sure that the marinade is completely concerned with eating in all directions. Throw it in the refrigerator and keep it cool, so the meat will not go bad.

How many marinas should you use? Well, the rule of thumb is to use one cup of marinating for 1 pound of food. But if you use a little more, it will not necessarily be worse. Try to get a relative amount, although you do not overdo it and do not lose the ingredients that do not make any difference.

Depending on the type of food and marinade that you use, it should stay for a while. To be safe, most marines require 3 to 8 hours, although there may be more fast workers sold at grocery stores. In fact, if it is not a sensitive kind of seafood, pickling meat during the night will not hurt. In fact, everything will be fine. It is also important that you flip the package several times to make sure that all sides of the meat get juices on them.

We all know that everyone loves a grill, some of us think it’s an art. Usually we are mistaken in a grill with a raw chicken, charred steaks and burned hamburgers. One of the most difficult meat products to cook on the grill is the chicken. It is very difficult to cook a chicken perfectly; it is always digested or damp. Who would like to eat a burned or raw chicken? For you, an ideal grilled chicken, here are some tips for you to try when fry marinated chicken.

· It is always recommended to use a small fire on the grill to avoid burning meat. Wait until the chicken is soft and moist before adding any sauces. So that you know when the meat is tender and moist, it’s when your chicken is almost cooked. Thus, there will be no more flashes of fire, since this is the sauce that produces them.

· In order to keep the chicken moist, constantly apply apple juice. It is not recommended to use grilled wine from a pickled chicken. This is one of the reasons that the fire is produced during the grill. One of the main reasons why meat gets burned is that the sugar is mixed with the sauce. But if you apply your sauce, when it’s almost ready, it will not burn. But if you do not want to use sugar, you can always use rub. This is a good way to avoid burns in your meat.

· If it’s difficult for you to determine if the chicken is ready to cook for the sauce, you can always buy a meat thermometer. This is a very convenient gadget on the grill; it gives a tone when the meat is almost cooked. Thus, you will not eat or eat. It also saves you time if you are grilling and at the same time have to do other


· You can leave the grill and wait until it gives a tone signal. Grilled pickled chicken is the main reason why our meat produces some very pleasant aromas, and this makes our meat juicier.

Marinating gives a taste to your meat, it consists of seasoning, acid and oil. Common acids used are citrus juice, vinegar and wine, this softens meat, destroying hard fibers from meat. Oils absorb the seasonings that have been placed in the meat, which then make our meat so juicy and wet. Grilled pickled chicken is really a very good way to enjoy delicious food. Here are some tips for pickling:

· It is better to marinate meat with a large surface area, as it easily absorbs the marinade. But when marinating very compact meat it is recommended to do this by injecting it into meat or simply cutting the meat, and then massage its marinade with your hands.

· If you pickled a large amount of meat, it takes more time to absorb it. For such small sizes, it is from 30 minutes to one hour.

· If you want your grilled, pickled chicken to be brown, take the meat out of the marinade, then dry it, then you can lower it.

· If you want to save energy when cleaning, it is better to use a Ziploc bag in a grilled, pickled chicken, but also a batch or a glass bowl will be used.

· When marinating meat, turn it several times, and it should be put in the refrigerator.

· Re-using the marinade for another meat stock is not very good. If you want to reserve for your dipping sauce, better do this before pickling it with meat.

Grilled pickled chicken can give you the perfect meal anytime!

And advice for your safety, do not marinate any food outside the refrigerator for more than 2 hours, as bacteria can destroy it.





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